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Raw Engineering Recruitment And Interview Experience

July 18th 2020   2452

Raw Engineering Recruitment And Interview Experience
Raw Engineering Recruitment And Interview Experience

A pool campus drive of Raw Engineering was conducted in our college wherein we had students from our Engineering section and BSc (IT) section, also students from 1 other college.

Round 1: Aptitude Exam

An Aptitude test was conducted in the Computer Labs. The test consisted of mostly technical questions based on Web development languages, Networking, Database Management System etc. The test had 40 odd questions segregated in 3 different sections.

Result: Cleared

Round 2: Personal Interview

The selected students were invited to the company premises in Virar, for the personal interview. Reporting time was at around 10 in the morning. After everyone had come in and had settled down, the interviews started. There were a total of 3 different panels conducting the interviews. Each consisted of 2 interviewers. The order of the interviews taken (of the selected students) was random. 3-4 students were made aware that they were up next, as the prior batch went for the interview to their respective panels. The first set of interviews took place till the lunch break at around 1pm/2pm. And the remaining ones were taken post that. Lunch was provided to all the invited students.

Mine came at the very end of the Post-Lunch session. You should keep preparing/revising (concepts) till your chance comes. Also, try and take some insight from the ones who have already given the interview.

I greeted the panel and asked them if I could take a seat. Submitted my Resume to them after sitting. They started off by asking, tell us something about yourself. So, I introduced myself briefly and they also asked about the hobbies and other achievements that I had listed in my Resume. This was essentially a technical interview, so the questions that followed were based on the languages and technologies (or areas of interest) that I had mentioned in my Resume, the projects that I had done and some questions completely from their side. I had listed Java in my Resume as one of the languages that I know. So, they asked me about the basic OOPS concepts. So, I named them and then they asked me to explain a couple of them in detail. They asked me about the queries in SQL, what a certain query would result into, or what query we need to use in order to get something. They also asked me different types of Joins and which one to use in a certain situation. We had ‘Election Voting Portal using Blockchain’ as our Mini-Project in the 6th Sem and we had extended that to our Major Project as well. So, I was asked to give a gist of the project and how it works. They underlined the possible drawbacks of the system and asked how we would tackle the problem or provide a solution for it.

Raw Engineering is a company that provides Digital Solutions and Services. So, one important question that they asked me was, what are you comfortable with more, front end or back end? As I am comfortable dealing with both sides, I told them the same. They asked me some basic questions about HTML and CSS, as in, the different tags used, the variations that can be done to a table etc. One of the interviewers asked me a logical question. So, I asked them if I could take a sheet of paper and do my working on it. They provided me with one and I worked on the problem and gave them the answer. The interviewer was delighted as I was the first one that day who had given the correct answer for that problem. So, they ask such questions to see how you approach a problem and what thinking goes into it. So, make sure you work well on your aptitude as it helps you to develop your problem-solving skills. They also asked me about the new age technologies of AI, ML, IoT, etc. and what interest I hold in it.

Result: Cleared

Some important points to remember:

  • List out only the things that you genuinely know, in your Resume.
  • If you don’t know the answer to a question, it’s okay to say “No, I don’t know the answer to this’’ and let them move on to the next one, instead of trying and manufacturing an answer.
  • Know well about the company in advance, study about them, and know what they are about and what they do.

Contributed By: Adhij Vartak

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