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Todo App - Getting Started

January 26th 2021   679

Getting Started With Building a TODO App
Getting Started With Building a TODO App

In this tutorial, we will build the famous Todo application with Node.Js using the ExpressJs framework and MongoDB. The app will be API centric with no Frontend UI.

In a nutshell, if you want to learn how to build APIs with Node.Js, you have come to the right place.

What you will need to install

  • You will need Node v10.0.0+
  • You will need to install PostMan 

What you need to Know

if you are new to nodejs world you can follow up below tutorials to get more from this tutorial, and if you have basic knowledge of Nodejs, ExpressJs and Mongoose then you can skip this.

NodeJs tutorial for beginners 

> Learn Express framework by building an application.

> Learn how to use Mongoose with Nodejs and Express

Now you can grab a mug of coffee and let's get our hands dirty.

Lets understand some Terms:

What is ExpressJs?

ExpressJs simply put, it's a web framework for Node.Js - stolen from the official docs. Taylor Otwell (Laravel's creator) once said, "Developers build tools for developers". ExpressJs was built for developers to simplify Node APIs.

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is a NoSQL database. It's completely document-oriented. A NoSQL database allows you to store data in the form of JSON and any formats. If you want to learn more about MongoDB, visit the official documentation here

Enough for this section, in the next section we will start by defining our API routes.