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Larsen & Toubro Infotech (LTI) Placement Process and Interview Experience

September 12th 2020   1070

Larsen & Toubro Infotech (LTI) Placement Process and Interview Experience
Larsen & Toubro Infotech (LTI) Placement Process and Interview Experience

One can get selected by LTI through campus placement drives organized by the college for the eligible candidates. LTI has two different levels for selection namely Level I and Level II of which Level II has an option for a higher package and consisted of 2 rounds (Online test and interview). In this article I will be sharing my views on Level I selection process.

I participated in LTI drive organized by our college which was a pooled campus drive in which my college along with 2 other colleges had participated. The selection process consisted of 3 rounds namely Online test, Group discussion and Interview.

ROUND 1: Online Test

This exam consists of 7 sections, which are Quantitative, Logical, Verbal, Technical MCQ, Paragraph writing, Psychometric and Coding section. None of the sections carried negative marking. But each section has a sectional cut-off and a candidate gets clears the test only after achieving the required sectional cut-off.






10 minutes



10 minutes



10 minutes

Technical MCQ


40 minutes

Paragraph writing


10 minutes



20 minutes

Coding section


45 minutes


1] Quantitative:

The questions in the quantitative section were easy and were easily solvable. Try to solve questions for the concepts you are strong at. The difficulty level of the questions was easy.

Some topics for Quantitative section are:

  • Time, Speed and distance
  • HCF and LCM
  • Permutation and combination
  • Profit and loss
  • Time and work
  • Percentages
  • Calendar questions
  • Number series

2] Logical:

The questions in logical section were of easy to moderate level but one can easily clear if one tries to solve them mentally and by using proper logic.

Some topics for logical section are:

  • Puzzle
  • Seating arrangements
  • Blood relations
  • Directions

3] Verbal:

One of the easiest sections is the verbal section. This section will consist of a passage which will have blanks in between in the passage. One has to fill that blanks with the articles (a, an, the) or some other words. The blanks will have a dropdown box, from that box one has to choose the appropriate option. Some of the other questions consisted of antonyms, synonyms, etc. I had attempted all the questions and was sure that all the answers were correct from this section.

4] Technical MCQ:

It is one of the important sections where actual knowledge about the stream is tested. It consisted of questions from almost every topic for the subjects studied in 2nd year and the 3rd year. Majority of the questions were of easy and moderate level with a bit of hard level questions. Try to solve the easy level questions initially followed by the moderate ones.

Few topics for technical mcq:

  • Data types
  • Stacks and queues
  • OOP
  • Algorithms

5] Paragraph writing:

In this section one has to write a paragraph of around 250-300 words on a given topic. Here the student’s ability to construct sentences is checked. Try to keep it as simple as possible but frame correct and meaningful sentences to clear this section.

6] Psychometric evaluation:

It is a section which is asked in very few companies of which LTI is one of them. In this section, there are 86 questions most of them repeated randomly. This section tests the reaction of candidates in different situations by giving them 3 options namely yes, no and neutral. Give answer in this section based on your practical knowledge about how would you handle that situation. The motive behind this is to check whether the candidate gives the same answer to the same question asked before and when that same question would be asked at a later stage.

7] Coding section:

In this section a question is given and a candidate can code in a language of choice such as C, Python, Java ,etc. There are few visible and few invisible test cases which needs to be passed in order to clear this section.

Note: Even if a student does not clear this section but is able to clear other sections with a decent cut-off then that candidate goes through group discussion whereas the student clearing this section goes directly through interview round i.e. he becomes eligible for Level II.

ROUND 2: Group Discussion:

The next round of level I selection was group discussion where students clearing round I were eligible. For group discussion there were multiple groups of 15 students each. A particular group was given a topic and time duration of 5 min to prepare the points to be spoken. Try to speak in simple way and use lucid language and speak constructive points and don’t exaggerate too much on a topic.3 students qualified group discussion round from my group.

ROUND 3: Final Interview:

The final round of the selection process was an Interview. The interview process was simple and they generally checked the way of how one answers the questions. The interview took place in a cabin where the HR was seated. I greeted the HR and the interview began. She asked me about the role in group projects and the tasks which I had performed. She asked me about the domains in which I had performed my projects and various questions related to it. She then asked me simple questions about my hobbies and my motivation and questions about my strengths and weaknesses. Overall my interview went well and then I left.

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Contributed By: Anurag Arunkumar Gupta

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