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TCS Interview Series- Part 1

June 7th 2020   1803

Image By FreePik
Image By FreePik

TCS Interview Series- Part 1

Hello all, this is Interview Series of TCS where you will get to Know Interview Experience of Students who have given TCS Interview and this will help you to learn from their experience and will help you to guide yourself on how to prepare how the Interviews.

Round 1: CodeVita 

In our previous, blog we have seen how to prepare for TCS CodeVita and we have answers common questions related to TCS CodeVita Examination, so if you haven't read it kindly click here to read the blog.

Round 2: Interviews

TCS allotts time intervals for all candidates to arrive at the venue for the interview and they call for interviews randomly. So be prepared to stay up for a long period of time. Some interviews even happened at 6 in the evening and the student was called at 8:30 in the morning. They can make you wait.

Ninja Interview:

The ninja interview is usually quite simple. Three interviewers simultaneously take the interview. They each ask questions from Technical, HR, and Managerial questions respectively. 

On entering after they asked me to sit, they asked for my resume and started the interview.

Technical questions: First, the interview asked me to explain the programs that I had implemented in the competition along with the problem statement. After that, they asked me to explain the recursion concept, which I did but in short. Then, they started asking about my projects- the technologies involved in the project, languages used, the purpose for selecting the topic as your project, enquiring about the goal of the project, and so on. All these questions were basic so I answered confidently. I had one machine learning project so most questions revolved around it.

Managerial questions:

The managerial interviewer only asked one question regarding the holidays. He said if the company was due a lot of work and they decide to cancel all the holidays, will I be okay with working overtime but without any holidays. To which I replied that yes that would be fine but after the pressure has eased out and holidays can be managed again by the company, I would want the days-off as maintaining a work-life balance is also important.

HR questions:

He asked generic questions like: Are you ready to relocate? Are you going to opt for further studies?

Result: Cleared

Digital interview:

The Digital interview is after you clear the ninja interview.

They asked to arrive at noon but the interview was taken at 6:30pm. This time there were 5 people on the interview table. All were asking questions simultaneously. After handing over my resume, they began with basic introductory questions – What is the profession of your parents? Why did you select the engineering field? What made you get into coding?

Technical questions

As TCS is a java based company, make sure you know core java concepts. I did not at that time so it was difficult for me. I knew the basic OOPS concepts so answering that was easy. After that, they asked me to rate myself for java. I rated myself a 3/5 but that is where I went wrong. After the rating, they started asking java concepts in depth some of which I was not even aware of. They asked questions like what happens to the complexity of a program if there is multiple inheritance present in it. I had no clue as I majorly code in python. I had basic one project in Android development, so they asked questions regarding android concepts, like what is the function used to change from one screen to another, I knew the answer- Intent. Some advanced android questions were asked and I answered some of them. At this point, it was already 25 mins into the interview and I could see myself panicking because I did not answer too many questions. Then, they asked me to state the differences between java and python, why I code in python, what language is better according to me, etc. All these questions I answered confidently.

Some other questions-

  • Why do you want to work with TCS?
  • What projects of TCS do you know?
  • What field would you like to work in?
  • What do you think about events being held by TCS?

HR questions:

  • Explain your goal.
  • Are you willing to relocate?

Sometimes job locations are allotted with respect to the work. So will you be willing to work in a location that you did not provide as an option?

Result: Did not clear.

Contributed By: Niharika Pandit

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