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TCS Code Vita 2020 - How to Prepare For TCS Code Vita Online Challenge

May 27th 2020   3659

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Image From FreePik

Hello learners! Here is an excellent news for individuals. The team TCS has come up with an interesting news regarding "TCS Codevita 2020 ". It is the world largest coding contest conducted by Tata Consultancy Services Limited. The main objective of this TCS Codevita contest is to recognize the passionate coders across globally. They participate and compete to win the coveted ‘World’s Best Coder’ title of TCS Codevita season 9.

About TCS Code Vita season 9

This article is for students appearing for TCS Code Vita Season 9, in this article you will find answers to common queries of students regarding the exam, like from where to study, what type of questions are asked in the exam, books to refer and how and where to practice, so answers to such questions are answered in this article by Niharika Pandit who has cleared the Round 1 of TCS Code Vita season 8 and got a call for Interview and She has cleared the Interview too. So enough talk, let's get started :)

1.  What are the types of questions asked in this challenge?

The questions are usually very long and subjective and the problem statements are presented in small scenarios to confuse us. But once you understand the question, the aim becomes very clear. TCS Codevita usually has 7-8 questions out of which 2 are easy and difficulty of the other questions vary with typically 1 very hard question. Even if you solve 1 easy question, you qualify for the second round. The questions are long but at least two are easy and solvable.

Faceprep ( has solutions and explanations of previous year questions, so it is a good website to refer for help.

Programming geek is another website with previous year questions (

2.  How can we prepare for the challenge?

It is a competitive programming challenge, so if you practice on HackerRank or any other programming website, you have an upper hand. Hackerrank and Leetcode have good questions where you can solve and practice, you can even find solutions if you get stuck and need help. There is no certain syllabus for Codevita, you will be given few problems and you need to code them in a language of your choice and the code should pass all the test cases within expected time limit (6 hours). Some important topics are Basic Math, Number theory problems, BFS, DFS, and dynamic programming. But you don’t necessarily need to learn all of those topics, just solve questions and keep practicing.

Have good command in one language, don’t switch from language to language as that may confuse you.

3.  Which books should I refer for the preparation?

The classic ‘Introduction to Algorithms by Thomas H Cormen, Charles E Leiserson, Ronald L Rivest and Clifford Stein’ has many algorithms which you can refer. Any data structures and algorithms book can be referred. Apart from books, Geeksforgeeks is a really good website, it has so many algorithms and topics explained and executed. But after all, it is an online coding competition so try to solve problems and practice on websites like Hackerrank, Leetcode, Codechef etc. You will learn by solving :)

What Is MockVita ?

MockVita is just a simulation of real Code Vita competition. You’ll get an idea of how tough the questions are in real competition. it’s just for practice.

MockVita 1 = Round 1 of CodeVita

MockVita 2 = Round 2 of CodeVita

And you’ll be getting real All India Ranks in both the MockVita tests.

4.  How to prepare for round 1?

Round 1 mostly has 8 questions, 2 out of which are easy. The questions are shuffled, so don’t start solving the first question that you see. Try and read all problem statements and find out the easy questions and start solving them, then proceed towards the hard ones. You will have 6 hours so go slow, take your time, and try to solve the questions. Even if you solve 1 question, you qualify for round 2 but it depends on the participants and questions. Again, preparation can be done only by practicing on competitive programming websites (Hackerrank, Leetcode, Codechef etc.). Also, before the actual Codevita, they arrange a MockVita which is basically just a mock competition so you get aware of the environment. Attempt the MockVita, so you know where to run, submit and check the status of your solution.

5.  Which topics should we cover for the test?

It is very difficult to mention exact topics because they do not mention any specific syllabus. But some topics can be – Number Theory, Basic Math Problems, BFS, DFS and dynamic programming. Dynamic programming is important as every year at least one question is asked on it. But again, you do not need to learn all the topics and be perfect in them. Brute-force approach works in the easier problems, so just get used to solving questions on online programming websites.

6.  Kuch bhi nahi samajh raha?

Normal hai 😂 Basically, TCS Codevita is the flagship online competitive programming contest organized by TCS. It has three rounds, two are online and the grand finale is the onsite contest. The first two rounds are online, so they are very similar to programming on websites like HackerrankLeetcode etc. Final–year students who qualify the first round and get a rank of under 10,000 are called for interviews. Therefore, it is also a hiring contest. Interviews are conducted for Ninja role first and Digital role if you qualify the Ninja interview.

So I hope the article was useful to you and it helped to clear your common doubts. If you enjoyed the article then please share with your friends who are preparing for the TCS Code Vita season 9 contest so that everyone gets benefit from this :)

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Thank You So Much to Niharika For Sharing and Writing this article : )

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